Flu Vaccination

Dear patients, We would like to inform you about the possibility of getting vaccinated against the flu directly in our office. You can order the vaccination now b> – the ideal time for vaccination is October, November, December.

Why get vaccinated?

Although influenza is a common infectious respiratory disease, in some cases it can be complicated, worsen the patient's overall health, decompensate chronic diseases and in some cases even cause death. Vaccination it is recommended for all people from childhood, it is suitable for example also for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Vaccination significantly reduces the risk of getting sick with the flu and its serious course, an indirect effect is also the protection of loved ones risk contacts of the vaccinated.

What vaccines do we vaccinate with?

This season we will be vaccinating with the VAXIGRIP TETRA vaccine. If patients over 65 are interested, we offer the option of ordering the EFLUELDA vaccine, which has 4x the amount antigen compared to other vaccines and thus increases the body's immune response and thus protection against disease. Both types of vaccines are vaccinated with one dose, vaccination is recommended to be repeated every year, because the flu virus is very inventive and circulates in the population in a slightly different composition every year.

What is the cost of vaccination?

Vaccination is fully covered by health insurance for patients over 65 and selected risk groups of patients (e.g. patients with chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels, respiratory tract, kidneys, diabetes , after removal of the spleen, etc.). For other patients, the price for the 2023/2024 season for the VAXIGRIP TETRA vaccine is CZK 490 including the application of the vaccine.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

For a long time, the Czech Republic has one of the lowest flu vaccination rates in Europe, only 5-8% of our population gets vaccinated every year. Let's try to change this unfavorable trend - order a vaccination and think to your health!


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