Non-binding patient registration.

Registration still does not change your general practitioner. You only become our patient by signing the registration form during a personal visit to the branch. After filling out this form, we will contact you and arrange a date for a personal visit.

Currently, we are registering patients insured with VZP, OZP, ČPZP, or ZPMV. We are working on cooperation with other insurance companies.

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You do not change your doctor immediately by filling it in. You formally change your doctor only during a personal visit, when you must confirm this change with your signature. After filling in the form, we will only arrange a personal visit with you, which we will connect with the entrance examination.

No. If you are a client of the above-mentioned insurance companies, your regular medical care is covered by health insurance. Procedures that are not covered by health insurance and their price can be found in our price list.

You don't have to worry about anything. We will request your medical documentation from your previous general practitioner, so you don't have to contact him in any way.

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Modern and well-equipped office

Appointment system

Individual and humane approach to patients

Biological sample collection (blood, urine, swabs, etc.) directly in the office

Parking available on the street

Patient registration